Other Liebster Award!!!

Otro Liebster Award!!! Verdad que es genial??
La última vez ya tuve que nominar a varias bloggers, a quién nominaré esta vez??

Hoy me ha nominado el blog Momomoworld .Thank you so much, this is my second Liebster Award!!! Im so happy cause you've nominate me this time!

Aquí están sus preguntas (Here are her questions):

1. Has anything changed from before starting fashion blog and after?(He cambiado algo del blog antes y/o después??
-Yes, many times but now i like his look!!! ;) Si, muchas veces pero ahora me gusta su look!!

2. Would you prefer cute style (e.g pink, bow, heart) or cool style (e.g Jeans, blue, tiger tops)?(Cuál estilo preferiría: cute style or cool style)

-I think.....both, but i i have chose someone....Cool Style!! Creo que los dos pero si tubiera que elegir alguno sería.....cool Style!!

3. What changes what you're wearing on that day?(Qué cambios he hecho durante el día)

-Im wearing the same that this morning.(Visto lo mismo que esta mañana.)
4. When do you decide what you are going to wear next? (e.g I decide on the night before)Cuándo decido que ponerme??
-Hahaha one day ago....sometimes two hours thinking...yes im crazy!!!(Jajajaja un día antes....a veces dos horas antes...si estoy loca ;)!!!)

5. Hair accessories, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Which do you consider the most important? Accesorios de pelo, pulseras, collares y anillos.Cuál considero el más importante??
-Well...necklaces and bracelets, dont you??

6. Do you mind about fashion, even when you are in your house? Pienso el la moda en cualquier momento cuando estoy en casa?
-Yes, many times, for me the fashion is one thing very important in my life.But it is't a obssesion.Si, muchas veces, para mi la moda es una parte muy importante en mi vida.Pero no es una obsesión. 

7. How do you organize all your clothes, accessories and shoes? Cómo organizo mi ropa, accesorios y zapatos??
-Uff....next question! Hahaha Siguiente  pregunta jajjaa

8. How much is the most expensive pair of shoes you own?Cuál el es par de zapatos más caros que tengo??
-One of my boots more or less 100 Euros.Unas botas más o menos 100 e.

9. If you were to give up all dresses or all types of accessories for rest of your life, which one will you give up on?
-Uff....hahaha all my collection of old dresses hahaha.Toda mi colección de vestidos viejos jajajaj

10. Long dress or mini skirt?Vestido largo o falda corta??
-Both.....i cant choose just one.
11. In order, what do you look for when you are shopping for clothes? (eg. I do this: 1. design 2. price 3. quality 4. how much I want it)Decir estos pasos en orden cuando voy a comprar ropa.
4.how much i want it

Y mi lista de preguntas es:

-1Do you like the Oscars??
2.Disco or opera??
3.What serie is your favorite??
4.Are you doing somesport in weekend??
5.About boys: romantics or crazies??
6.If you are going to writte one song letter....about what??
7.What is your favorite country??
8.Are you in love??
9.Do you follow me?? ;)
10.Your best momory about you at the school/work/university/others??
11.Do you like party time??


The nominates coming soon......


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    1. In my case...i think no but is cool!!
      thnks for coment in my blog JUST FRIDAY!

  2. Hii ! Good post !! (:
    Can you check my blog, and if you like it follow me? I will follow back, Thanks (:


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