Mostrando entradas de diciembre, 2014

First & Last December

So this is my first post of December, sorry for no posting before but you know how are the exams and the school so it was imposible.Ok nothing is imposible but i was so tired...so now im here! In this days everybody are looking for something special, presents and inspirations for decorate their homes.
But i think everybody could make something new: Do you remember what are the wishes you made for New Year?  Yeah i know it's dificult make that but you can do it on this last Decemberbecause is the last month of the year you can do something that you've never made before.
I give you someideas.

-Write a letter, of course, by your hands if you make a letter with your phone or with Whatsapp it couldn't have the same effect right?

-Go out one night or two or everyday! (Ok, everyday not but you know what i mean) Go with your friends, make something togheter....you would remember it.

-Make a blog because if you are good on the kitchen or you are a fashion adict or you travel to much ...…